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How Technology has had a Massive Impact on Society

Technology is all around us. It’s intertwined with our lives so much that it’s hard to live a single day without using technology in some way or another. In fact it is hard to imagine living life without using technology in some way or another. Whether it’s getting woken up by your alarm clock, brushing your teeth, making your breakfast and getting in the car and commuting your way to work like you do 5+ days of the week!

And with new technological advancements happening all the time, technology grows ever more and more into our lives. It seems that every other day a new thing comes out that people have to have. A new smartphone, a new gaming console, a new car etc etc. And as and when they do people jump on them like their lives depend on it! Well let’s have a look at just how much new technology has an impact on our lives today.

Smartphones Everywhere

Think back about 20 years ago, smartphones never even existed. Those that did weren’t smartphones just mobiles, which were only really owned by the rich and elite of society. While most kids of around 16 years old would still be using their trusty old land line telephone! Some mobile phones did exist, but they were very basic. Today we would call them “bricks”. But right now, every kid of 16+ has a smartphone of some kind!

In fact, right now there are more people with smartphones than there are people that don’t own one. And since being able to communicate quickly with friends and family is deemed as important, if not more important than sleeping and eating is. For many people, their smartphone is the first thing they see and use when they wake up in the morning to the last thing they see and use when they are about to go to sleep at night.

With a smartphone, people are becoming smarter. Simply because with a smartphone you are able to get access to the Internet, Siri, Cortana, Google etc to find out the things you need to know. Answers to those life questions you have of which you can get an answer to immediately without even having to press any buttons! And with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, if you have something to say, all you need do is log on!

Instant Information Access

Thanks to the evolution of technology, it is now much easier and quicker for people to get access to the latest breaking news from around the world by just using their smartphone. Where as before, you had to watch the TV and tune into a news channel, or listen to the radio or even read the newspaper to find out about things that have happened. These days, you can get access to that latest breaking news at the click of a button.

Literally, news and other new information is only a click away to people of today. In fact, you might not believe this but for most people, they learn about new events, happenings and global affairs and news stories from social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Since users usually share stories on these sites as they happen which are then picked up by the actual media, news, radio stations, newspapers etc after.


Due to technology, it’s now much quicker and easier to get access to the answers to questions we have. Access to breaking news stories and global events in an instant. That alone has had a massive impact on society because they helped give people instant access to information. And that can only go on to make people smarter in general if everyone knows about what’s happening as it happens. Well that’s technology for you!

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