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Reasons for investing in a dishwasher

In all honesty, kitchens don’t vary much. Yes, they are laid out differently, have different units and are decorated to the householder’s personal choice, but effectively a kitchen is the one room in the house that is designed for productivity, it is we ourselves who have over the years chosen to also make it comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Every kitchen will have a cooker, washing machine, more than likely a tumble dryer and an increasing amount will have a dishwasher.


Long thought of as an appliance that only belongs in commercial kitchens, and viewed by many as being lazy, the fact is that today’s dishwashers are attractive, cost effective, time saving and will get your dishes cleaner than they would be if done by hand. Having a dishwasher means there are no more piles of dirty dishes that make you feel guilty for them being there. To be sure that you find the best and most suitable machine look through dishwasher reviews online before purchasing.

Despite protestations to the contrary, nobody really likes doing dishes. Regardless of the fact that the adverts for dish washing liquids constantly try and convince us otherwise. While it may be therapeutic when you first plunge your hands into warm soapy water, those bubbles soon disappear and the contents of the washing up bowl begin to resemble an oil slick.

Yes this can be avoided by washing dishes as you use them, but unless you live alone this is a practically impossible task to keep on top off. Breakfast time is always hectic in a busy household; the dishes are normally put in the sink for later. If someone pops back for lunch their dishes add to the growing pile, and by the time you have all had your evening meal they are starting to teeter ominously.

Scenario number two; breakfast dishes into the dishwasher instead of the sink, lunch dishes into the dishwasher, then all the plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and pots and pans from tea into the dishwasher. Pop in the tablet, press start and that’s it. The kitchen stays tidy, you can relax, and instead of spending the best part of an hour at the sink clearing the pile, you spend 5-10 minute putting your clean, dry dishes away.

For couples and smaller families, you may find that a slimline dishwasher or a model designed to stand on the bench would be more suitable. Larger families will need larger machines obviously, and some go for bigger than they need so they can do this job once every couple of days. Either way, there is nobody who won’t benefit from having a dishwasher in their home.

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