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Blog Topics and Blog Ideas: Finding Interesting Topics to Write About

Is deciding a blog topic for your new blog holding you back?

It seems like the most important thing to do when you are just starting out. After all, it’s a commitment to write tirelessly on the same topic for a long time. If you choose a topic for your blog that does not work, either for you or for your readers, chances are the blog will fail.

You can build a successful blog on any topic you select, as long as you are adding value to the readers who visit your site. Let me help you find topics to blog about.

Use these suggestions for choosing a blog topic:

  • Select a topic you are an expert in. You will never be left wondering what to write about.
  • You can choose topics to write about based on your passion. Passion will keep you motivated to keep writing new articles.
  • Select a topic that has a market. If no one else is writing on the topic, there is a good chance that a market does not exist.
  • Pick a topic that suits your personality and you can write naturally on. Blogging is a long journey, if you are trying to be someone else, it will eventually show.

Some blogging topics are very crowded and I suggest you stay away from them, or pick a sub-topic. For example, personal finance is a very crowded area. There are many blogs competing for readers in this space. However you could target a smaller niche as your topic, for example, managing a budget. Write on the sub-topic for a while, until you gain traction and then expand on it. I will discuss some popular blog topics below.


Blog Topic Ideas

Blog topics that make money

Finance: Anything that involves money is typically a topic that makes money.

  • Coming out of debt
  • Managing investments and stock market
  • Buying a house/car
  • Retirement planning

Self-improvement: Can you be better at something, of course you can, and so can everyone else. Blog topics in the self-improvement category have a wide range.

  • Getting rid of addictions
  • Better time management / productivity
  • Minimalism
  • Anger management
  • Lifestyle changes

Health and Fitness: At some point, everyone thinks about leading a healthier lifestyle. Health and Fitness is yet another money making blog topic idea where people are willing to spend money in order to improve their health.

  • Healthier diets
  • Exercise routines
  • Weight loss without dieting
  • Body building
  • Resistance training

Travel: Travel is another area where advertisers are willing to spend a lot of money. Travelling is a desire most people share.  Some blog topics on travel are listed below.

  • Weekend getaways
  • Low cost traveling
  • Honeymoon destinations
  • Focus on destination review, nightlife, culture and history.

As these topics make money, they are hot topics for blogging and are very crowded. It is generally more difficult to get noticed in areas like these. Pick a sub-topic where you can dominate.

Let us explore some topics you can make a blog on.

Blog topics based on activity

People are generally passionate about activities, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. If you are passionate about any activities or have always had a desire to pursue one of them, then take the plunge and start a blog on that activity.

  • Zip lining
  • Sky diving
  • Running
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Rock climbing
  • Board games

Blog topics by profession

Are you a programmer, lawyer, sales person or a freelancer? You can write about the challenges and rewards of the professions. People from your filed will discover your blog and you can be seen as an expert which can lead to better opportunities for you in the future. Below are some topics by profession

Blog topics for real estate agents and insurance agents

  • A market roundup of the inventory, recent sales, valuations.
  • Tips on buying and selling
  • How to get an affordable mortgage
  • Write about the various policies, highlighting the benefits of one over the other. The more honest you are and the more transparency you bring, the more successful you can be.

Blog topics for web designers / programmers / lawyers / marketing professional

  • New trends in web designing
  • An iPhone / iPad development blog
  • What other lawyers don’t tell you
  • Refreshing marketing techniques that lead to sales

Blog topics for moms

Moms have an edge when it comes to blogging; they are going through an adventure in their life, often juggling between home and work. There are many in a similar boat. If this is what you associate yourself with the most, write about it.

  • How to kick-ass at work and home
  • A working mom’s secret to success
  • Work life balance

Blog topics by stages of life

  • College planning
  • Planning for kids
  • Retirement planning

Blog topics for women

When it comes to blogging, there are some things women can write more consistently and easily on. I am not saying that women should only blog on these topics nor am I saying that men cannot blog about these topics. I am saying women may have an edge here. Some topics come more naturally to women than men.

  • Fashion
  • Craft
  • Entertainment gossip
  • Pregnancy
  • Relationships

Blog topics for men

The opposite is also true. You could blog on a topic that that are catered to male reader.

  • Body building
  • Art of shaving

Blog topics based on passion and ambition or to achieve your goals

A blog is not just a channel to communicate with your readers, it is a platform you can use to achieve your goals, fulfill your ambition and work on your passion while sharing the journey with other people. You will attract other people to your blog who share a similar goal or are going through a similar journey.

  • Running a marathon
  • Picking up a new skill
  • Preparing for a test

Blog topics for kids

If you are starting out young, there are some topics that you may be more interested in than others. I suggest you pick something to write based on what you enjoy doing the most.


Blog topics for teenagers, high schools students and college students

Blogging about the experiences while growing up will give you a good way to reflect on things. Be careful of what you put online, your blog can be seen by everyone, from friends and family to future employers and partners.

Blog topics for artists

Have a knack for an art? What better way to demonstrate your skills to the world. Make something fabulous and post it on your blog.

Blog topics for a business (esp. small business)

As a business you have a few options, you can post the latest news in your industry and product updates. However I suggest that you post how your services are helping others. This will help you attract more customers.

Funny blog topic ideas

  • Spoof blog: Scary movies series is successful because people like spoofs. You can write spoofs in a blog format with images to see if it has the same effect on people.
  • Comic blog: If you have the ability to write and draw comic strips. Try this format.

 Controversial blog topics

If you have an opinion on a controversial topic and if you have the ability to handle it carefully, it is probably worth considering as a blog topic. You are bound to get some criticism and some cheers. It will depend on your character and personality whether you can handle it. This road is filled with risks and potentially some rewards.

Blog topics for entrepreneurs

If you are a successful entrepreneur, budding entrepreneurs will like to learn from your success story. If you failed, share your story and an analysis of why you failed. Often there is a lot more to learn from a failure than a success. If you are a current entrepreneur, share your journey and let people know as it unfolds.

Blog topics for new bloggers

There are no topics a new blogger cannot handle. However a new blogger should focus on writing good articles and building relationships in the domain they have picked.

Interesting blog topics

Often the best blog topics are the ones that cross across several domains. By taking this approach you build a direct connection with people who are affiliated with the same things. Here are some interesting suggestions for a blog that are more targeted by selecting more than one topic.

  • Travel on budget (Travel and Personal Finance): Explore the opportunities to travel on a low budget using deals, hacks and tricks.
  • The CEO Mom (Mom and Business): If you are a mother and a CEO, this may just be the best topic to blog about. You will be able to inspire many other women and show it is possible to achieve success in both.
  • Business in the age of internet (Business and Internet): With new efficiency tools being developed every day, many business are stuck using old methods. You can write about the tools that business can use to be more successful.
  • Relationship lesson from movies and TV show (Relationships and Glamor): If a love story gives you thrills, may be you can write about relationships based on your personal experience, movies and TV. You will get an opportunity to explore your passion and writing will come more fluidly to you.

Some more general ideas for a blog, consider this to be like a random blog topic generator. I am sure; reading through this list will help you get an idea for your blog topic.

  1. A web design blog
  2. TV / Print / Online advertisement critic blog
  3. Industry trend and analysis blog
  4. Learning skills blog
  5. Home décor blog
  6. Food blog
  7. College life
  8. Career advice
  9. Learning a new language
  10. Business ideas blog
  11. Movie and TV review
  12. Innovative products review
  13. Hair style blog
  14. Makeup and styling
  15. Freelancing
  16. Religion and religious stories.
  17. Experience based blog sharing life experiences
  18. A guide to dating for male / females
  19. Software tools
  20. Copy writing
  21. Kickboxing
  22. Creative ways to get things done
  23. New ways to solve old problems
  24. Random rants
  25. How to X
  26. DIY projects, kits
  27. Green living
  28. Video game
  29. Virtual life
  30. Virtual currency
  31. Frequently flyer miles
  32. Starting a company
  33. Water sports
  34. The Art of Teaching
  35. Product and service reviews

Time for action

When I wanted to start my own blog, I looked at what I am passionate about and can I share some good content based on my experience? This blog is a product of that. I hope this article gets you closer to creating your own blog.

If you liked a topic which I have discussed here, go ahead, start your blog using that topic. A successful blog topic is one where you engage your visitor and solve a problem they have.

Sign-up for my mailing list as I guide you on how to make a website and use the comments to let me know your blog topic ideas.

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