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Text-Enlarging Apps for iPhones

When you own an iPhone you not only have the world-wide web at your fingertips but Apple’s greatest creation also enables you to carry a small library and the world’s biggest notebook in your pocket. The only problem is due to the iPhone’s limited screen size many people have difficulties when viewing the small text. If you’re fed up of manually zooming in on web pages, texts, contact details and emails you just cannot read, and also struggle with reading small print in general, then this list of text-enlarging and life-enhancing apps might just be the solution to all your problems.

Text Enlarger

The title of this handy little app speaks for itself and is a must have for anyone who’s always taking notes and writing text messages. It works by waiting until you have typed in your desired text, and hey presto! It enlarges it to the biggest size possible. It’s not rocket science but it’s very effective. It’s also ideal for communicating messages from a distance and comes with some handy personalized messages such as “I Love You.”

BIG Contacts

It’s all well and good having a bumper number of stored contacts on your iPhone, but they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot if you cannot find the name of the person you want to call. BIG Contacts transforms your contact list by replacing the IPhone’s default text with a bolder and much bigger font to enable easier reading. Wether you want to make a call, shoot off an email, or fire off a text message, things have just got a lot easier thanks to this app.

Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses is the closest you can get to turning your iPhone into a pair of spectacles. Capable of bringing the unseeable into focus courtesy of its powerful zoom function, Reading Glasses acts like a super human lens which can be used via the standard pinch-and-zoom technique or by operating the nifty vertical slider on the side of the screen.


The earliest magnifying glass was thought to have been invented by Aristophanes in 424 BC, and centuries later the ancient Greek’s concept has been digitally incorporated into an iPhone app to make reading anything a lot easier. Similar to Reading Glasses, aMagnifier is very easy to use and works by enlarging the text on anything you hold your device up against such as food labels in the grocery store or a prescriptions with tiny writing. With this app what was once hidden from view becomes visible.

Increase Your iPhone’s Text Size Naturally

It’s not actually an app, but it’s a very handy trick to know and one which all the latest iPhones are capable off. So to increase your iPhone’s text size without buying an app, enter your settings menu and then open the general settings option. Tap on the device’s accessibility options and then select large text. Fonts range up to 56 points in size so you’re spoilt for choice. Once you’ve selected your desired size, your new font size should now be active in your text, mail, calendar, and note settings, which will no doubt be a sight for sore eyes.

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