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The Importance of Technology in Our Lives Today and the Future

With technology, we have the tools available to us that make it easier to manage our day to day lives and exchange valuable information to our friends and family and other people, almost instantaneously. Back many decades ago however, these tools weren’t available to mankind and he would have had to go through a process of first discovering the ability and then evolving enough to turn it into a tool we could all use.

Take the telephone for example. It started off as a most basic and simple idea but then went on to become one of the most main technological tools we use in our modern lives today. So much so that for many of us, we simply couldn’t live our lives the same way without it. Take away the telephone and you’ll basically be slowing man down to the point where he wont be able to operate and manage his or her life as effectively.

And that’s what technology is and how it’s so important to us today. Technology is basically harnessing the tools, systems and techniques that are used to help us with problem solving or just making our lives better and easier to live in some way. In fact, technology has played a very significant role in how we live in the world and how we interact with everything around us in the environment today.

And since technology has developed so much, from computer technology to mobile technology, it’s helped us to bridge the gap that people all around the world have today. So much so that there is no longer a void between people of one country and another. That void gets smaller and smaller as our technology evolves over time and at the speed in which it increases, we can only assume that there will be no void at all one day.

Surely enough, technology has helped us in many ways to conquer and overcome those communication barriers before. And while it does help mankind to progress and evolve, it can also have a destructive element to it too. Since through technology, we are able to develop ever more sophisticated weapons like the atomic bomb and that could go on to be detrimental to the existence and continuation of mankind altogether.

But despite the threat that technology could one day be mans downfall and wipe us all off the face of the earth, technology also has a positive affect on the development of societies around the world too. Some such technology helps some developing societies to have a stronger infrastructure in place which means better transport, better schools, hospitals and other municipal services as well as access to health services too.

Although the development and increase in technology can have an adverse affect on our planet and environment, such as through all of the carbon output that comes as a by-product from creating and using that technology (such as the electric used to power our computers and mobile devices etc or even the cars we drive around in), it still goes on to have a lot of positive benefits all round too!


Technology may be a force to be reckoned with. It may go on to help mankind utterly and completely annihilate itself from the face of the planet. But that’s more for the soothsayers! In the meantime, technology will continue helping our species to grow, evolve and live happy and healthier lives. Through it all we can see that technology is here to stay and will only get better as time goes by.

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