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3 Great Apps to Get You Organised

Comb your hair, sharpen your pencils, polish that apple for teacher and get ahead with a little help from the best apps for organisation and productivity.


A free app for all devices, Wunderlist helps you clarify even the most hectic schedules, to do lists and projects. You can prioritise your most important tasks by marking them with a star ribbon and even receive handy reminders through personalised push notifications.

Synchronize your schedules and task lists with a free Wunderlist account to access and update tasks from your PC, Mac, iPad etc.

Standard features like notes and email reminders are enhanced by thoughtful touches that make this app a pleasure to use like keyboard shortcuts and design customisation.

It looks great and makes managing your busy life simple, bargain.

TextFix: Text Editor and Processor

This app is a life saver, if you have ever experienced the horror of spotting a mistake at the last minute or even worse, after you have submitted something then TextFix will sooth you.

Simply copy your text into TextFix and use the tabs to edit, from here you can also view statistics about your text such as paragraph and word counts as well as readability analysis.

Choose from numerous cleaning and processing tools to fix your emails and documents, there’s no need to panic or perspire, tidy up messy quotes and pesky white space characters with ease.

Once you have preened your text to perfection you can export it to email, social networking sites or to a printer.

TextFix is a quick and simple way to edit, extract data from and export text, it’s reassuring just to know that it is there. Mistakes happen but that doesn’t mean everybody has to know!

Best Alarm Clock + Weather and Temperature

“Boring!” I hear you cry, “Every device already has an alarm function” you persist, and you are of course correct. However Best Alarm Clock is a reliable wake up must have, failing to meet that first deadline of the day can leave you struggling to catch up, no matter how dedicated you are to your Wunderlist.

Those affected by the iPhone’s alarm failures will be especially appreciative of this dependable app’s features. You can set multiple alarms and even set different ones to go off on different days, you also get to find out what the weather is like without staggering over to the window.

For me there are two crucial features of this app which make it essential, first of all the beloved snooze button that is explicitly missing from the built in alarm but also the ability to use your own music from your iTunes library as alarms.

I set Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough for my 7am wake-up alarm, I have never shot out of bed so fast (to dance in my pyjamas) in my life.

Which apps do you depend on?

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